Senior design day 2016 at UConn School of Engineering. Rebecca Stern is presenting her project entitled “Quantum Mechanical pKa Predictions of Drug-Like Molecules” that was conducted in collaboration with our colleagues from Pfizer Inc. Left to right: Rebecca Stern, Lydie Louis and Ayana Ghosh.
CMCD group in May 2016 with spouses. Lukasz Kuna is missing here.
Serge together with his Ph.D. advisor Prof. David Drabold during Serge’s visit to his Alma Mater in March of 2014 (Photographer: Jean Andrews, Ohio University). We are still looking for earlier photos; they do exist somewhere, but are not easy to find.
Lydie and Krishna with one of our brand new quad-core Mac Minis, showing the satori web site home page. January 2014.