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Phase transitions paper is out

Recently accepted in Nanoscale, this paper explores phase transitions of polarization topology in single spherical ferroelectric nanoparticles of PbTiO3 and BaTiO3. This work highlights some interesting dielectric properties of these systems that emerge as a size-dependent phenomena and shown that they can be manipulated by adjusting the materials combination of the configuration. Serge and John investigated this system with our collaborators at Argonne National Laboratory and with Pamir Alpay and his graduate student Yomery Espinal here at UConn.


Click the below image for an animation in browser:


Mangeri et al, Nanoscale, 2017,9, 1616-1624

Summer project funding from Stanadyne

Our group received funding from Stanadyne for a summer project dedicated to FEM-based modeling of fuel injector operation. This project will involve cooperation between our “senior” graduate students and some new SoE undergraduates who are just getting their feet wet with serious research.

Paper on electrocaloric properties of a Goldstone-like system is out

This paper was published in a new Nature-family partner journal “NPJ Computational Materials” that is dedicated to computational modeling of materials and materials-by-design stuff. So, no impact factor for this one yet, but of course we expect it to be quite high when it becomes available. Kudos to our graduate students John and Krishna who collaborated on this project!


Polarization screening review paper is out

Published in “Reports on Progress in Physics” together with colleagues from Argonne National Lab. This review had been a back burner activity for awhile until we finally managed to put all the pieces together in late Spring of 2016.


Rebecca Stern is graduating from UConn

Our undergraduate student Rebecca Stern is graduating from UConn and will continue her studies in grad school at UC Berkeley. Furthermore, Rebecca’s Senior Design Project entitled “Quantum Mechanical pKa Predictions of Drug-Like Molecules” and conducted in collaboration with our colleagues from Pfizer Inc. won first prize for its final presentation. Photo below is taken during the poster presentation of this project at UConn SoE “Capstone Design” day and shows our Pfizer research team all together. Left to right: Rebecca Stern, Lydie Louis and Ayana Ghosh.

John Mangeri receives a DoE SCGSR award

A few days ago we were notified that John will be receiving the highly prestigious U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) award that will allow him to conduct his PhD research at one of the DoE national labs. John will be spending his summer at Argonne working with our collaborator Dr. Olle Heinonen. Congratulations to John!

Tin Titanate paper with UIC collaborators is highlighted in the media

This JVSTA paper was chosen as one of the most actively downloaded ones after its publication. Here are the links to the official press release and the UConn/MSE highlight.

Undergraduate student, Rebecca Stern, featured on UConn MSE web site

A new article featuring Rebecca Stern, who is currently an MSE senior doing research with the group, was recently published on the MSE web site. Congratulations to Rebecca!

New graduate student, Ayana Ghosh, joins the group

The group welcomes new graduate student, Ayana Ghosh, who comes to us from University of Michigan-Flint and, lately, New Mexico State University. Ayana will be working on the “In Silico Solid Form Design” collaborative project that was recently seeded by Pfizer Inc. and UConn MSE. Ayana_Ghosh_Image


Paper on ALD deposition of SnTiOx thin films is published in the special issue of JVSTA

This project was mostly done by Siliang Chang, who is the student of Prof. Christos Takoudis at UIC. Seungbum Hong and Yoon-Young Choi (ANL) provided help with PFM electrical characterization. Serge mostly provided cheerleading support, as he usually does. Congratulations to Siliang again. Here is the link to the paper entitled Atomic layer deposition of environmentally benign SnTiO as a potential ferroelectric material that is coming out as part of the special issue of Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A dedicated to ALD growth.